How long are the talks?

We have 20min and 40min talks as well as workshop that can last between 1h and 3h and require more interaction with your audience. Chose the type that fits the best your content. If you're unsure about the best type, do not hesitate to leave a message to the selection committee when submitting your talk.

What is the deadline to submit a proposal ?

The CFP will close on January, 21st 2019. The committee will announce the selected talks shortly after.

What are the selection criterion ?

Wow, that's a pretty tricky one! The selection committee is formed by 7 passionate and curious Android developers. They want the best talks for this conference so they will mainly take in consideration the topic and the content. To improve your chances of being selected, pick a short but meaningful title, polish your slides and practice. Don't forget to add a link to your slides if they are ready, or a link to a video of your talk if you already gave it.

Im not sure what topic to talk about

Android Makers is a developer conference, we love everything related to Android tech . This goes from analyzing kotlin-generated bytecode to designing beautiful Android UX/UIs or hacking hardware using Android IOT! If you have a top notch state-of the art library or framework that you maintain or use (or would like to use !), come talk to us about it!

Everything that can boost productivity is also very welcome. Architecture, devops, continuous integration, etc are important topics. We want the community to produce great apps *and* great code (and have fun doing it)!

Lastly, each and every android Android developer is a first and foremost a simple human being and we'd love to hear how you handle Android in your organization, be it a one-person freelance or a multi-country huge developer team. Inspirational, cultural talks or case studies will be present in the conference.

Bottom line: if you like what you do, other will too! Come talk about it!

Should I buy a ticket for Android Makers?

In case your talk is not accepted, we suggest you to buy a ticket. If at least one of your talk is accepted, you won't need it and can give it to a friend of yours.

Do you cover travel expenses for speakers?

We might. If you need us to cover your travel expenses, please leave a message while submitting your talk explaining your situation. We have a very limited budget and we unfortunately won't be able to cover travel expenses for all of you.

We encourage companies to pay for travel in exchange of what they'll get increased visibility during the event. Details will be examined on a case by case basis so please make sure to reach out to us as soon as possible.